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Why Templates are a Viable Investment

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Su Ferguson | 0 comments

Custom Design vs Premade Templates

Templates are a unique, inexpensive and simple way for you to provide personalized invitations and announcements for your clients for graduation, wedding, birth, boudoir and marketing templates to brand and help grow your business.

Personalizing Premade Templates

With premade templates you get great value for a relatively inexpensive purchase. Simply by making small changes via colors, fonts, even moving elements around you can use templates more than once and produce a personalized design for each of your clients.

Custom Design

If you want to go all out and have custom designs created exclusively for your business, so expect to pay more for that service. The cost to create a custom design is quite different from that of a template that is going to be sold repeatedly. Both types of design work are time consuming and labor intensive to create. 

A premade template allows the designer to recoup time invested through a larger volume of sales therefore they can offer templates at a lower cost.

When creating an individual, unique, custom design the designer has a one time opportunity to charge for their creative design time and version changes which  accounts for the higher cost.  Changes vary from client-to-client and can, typically, be quite time consuming.  So whoever you choose to use for Custom Design, please understand they are running a business, have bills to pay and trying to make a living, much like you are.

I hope this helps clarify custom pricing vs premade template pricing.  I'm always happy to answer questions. 




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