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Welcome to Savant Design Templates

Posted on August 29, 2012 by Su Ferguson | 1 comment

Welcome to Savant Design Templates.  I'm very excited to launch my new store and offer new and exciting photography template designs to other photographers bothPhotoshop & Elements users.  It's been a fun project but a tad bit more stressful that I thought it would be but because I'm personally into the instant gratification thang, I knew I needed to offer direct downloads for my templates.  There's nothing worse than having to wait for things, although the phrase "all goods things come to those who wait" keeps popping into my head.  One of my mom's favorite says, although I have to say it was always a suspect phrase for me.

So after a couple of weeks of hard work, computer died, almost ignoring my poor husband who has had the flu, ignoring my morning shower for the computer I can breathe a little easier.  No doubt there will be tweaks coming but it seems the major things are functioning.  Yay!

Over the next while I will be putting up some video tutorials on how to use the templates and also how to change elements around and have some extra fun with them.  I have a lot of ideas for the tutorials so keep watch, check them out as they arrive and let me know what types of video's would be beneficial for you to learn from.  I'm always happy to answer questions and help out however I can.

Check out our Test Drive a Template section, there is one template up right now and more to come.  It will give you a good feel for how the templates are set up and how user friendly they are.

Cheers Su


Wierd date showing up Aug 29 for blog post but I just wrote it today, apparently I have things to learn. :)






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    love your designs and congratulations on your launch


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