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As a designer and photographer, I appreciate how a Studio Magazine can elevate your business to the next level as well become an invaluable tool in the branding process. They are affordable, versatile and per unit cost less than what you would spend on a bunch of smaller handouts.

Studio Marketing Magazine's are designed to grab the attention of your prospective clients, for example, my Free People design targets your Senior Market. Inspiration for this design comes from the Free People / Anthropologies design aesthetic and, at the same time, has a timeless, editorial feel.

Marketing, promotion and branding options with your magazine template are limitless (well maybe not quite limitless, but if your imagination has no bounds, who knows right!).   Effective ways to market your Studio Magazines are in print - check out www.smartpress.com and becoming increasingly popular and cost effective is online publishing (free) check out www.issuu.com and www.MagCloud.com 

Options to market with your magazine template as limitless as your imagination, following are a few suggestions: 

 -  Easily provide your Studio Magazine to clients several ways, either as a printed copy, as an online magazine or email
  to prospective clients in a .pdf format.
Leave a sample with your business cards in hair salons, spa's, local teen shops (don't forgot mom shop's as well, since 
  they are the ones typically purchasing the shoot and goodies)
- Doctor's offices, Dentist offices, places where people are spending some time waiting for appointments
- Make a point of introducing yourselves to your local merchants, offer them a free product shoot, work out a trade or
  offer a referral fee. List them on your website as favored vendors. Get them invested in helping you grow your business
  and reciprocate whenever possible. It's pretty much a win, win situation.
-  Talk to your local daily or weekly newspaper; request they do an article on you showcasing your magazine and images.
-  Work with some local and surrounding area business' to hang your images, great way to get your name out there.
Building a sustainable business means putting yourself and your work out there. Once you've done all this, don't forget
  to check in regularly to make sure there are sufficient materials/business cards available. Build a rapport with these
business owners, managers and employee’s; it will come back in spades.  They will respect your attention to your

All visual element goodies and text are included in this template. Text is written to use as is, or easily make small tweaks to fit your studio image.  Drop in your logo, change out the studio name to YOUR STUDIO  within the text, pricing information, change colors to work with your branding, insert images and voila! You’re done. Don't forget to make the studio name change within the provided text, have a friend or co-worker; better yet several people proof it for errors before sending in to print. There is nothing worse, than getting a marketing piece back and seeing a typo or worse.


Free People Set Includes a super Magazine 10 page (including covers) template along with a Marketing Postcard and DVD Label and Case 


Covers - front and back

About or Welcome Page - your personal and studio introduction to your prospective clients

Portraits Page - show off your absolute best images

Book - your studio booking process

Shoot - your style and information on what takes place during your client session

Style & Prepping - information on how clients can prep for their session as well as visual aids to guide client wardrobe choices

Check Us Out - it's always great to give your clients an opportunity to view a session that has been shot that you can show online either in a slideshow or look book.  Getting your clients excited is key to upping sales.

Pricing - list your Session/Collection Pricing in a manner that makes it easy for your client to choose

Print Products - again choose your very best images of products that other clients have purchased or that you have as studio
 samples.  L
et them visually see the goodies that they can purchase, start getting them excited to purchase even before their
 photo, viewing and purchasing sessions.

DVD  - Custom Label & Case

POSTCARD - Marketing Postcard (front & back)

My templates are super easy to customize and edit!  I'm always happy to answer any questions that you have, so feel free to contact me.  Quickly change the colors to work with your branding, zip in your logo and images, tweak your text and voila! you're done. 



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