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Incorporating Templates into your Workflow

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Incorporating Templates into your Workflow

Preplanning your shoots to work with your templates and your marketing materials will definitely make your workflow better.

Thinking about what products you are offering to your clients and how you are going to use the images from your sessions in the products will be super helpful when you actually go to put everything together.  No disappointments or darn wish I had thought about that or done that so I could do this with it.

Here are some tips to think about

Card Templates

Keep in mind the look of the template(s) you are thinking about using for a specific client and whether it will work best with your subject largely in the forefront or will showcase the image by leaving more space around the subject.  Tight crop or Looser crop, thinking about that will help your images pop in your chosen templates.

Albums and Studio Magazines

Typically there are at least a few full page spreads included in most album or magazine templates and your images will have a big impact (no pun intended).  If you want to include this type of image it's always good to think about not cropping in tightly, you will want to leave space around your subject and it's a great idea to shoot with your subject on one side of the image so your main subject doesn't end up with the center line of the pages running through, for example their face. Working with a layflat album gives you more leeway but you don't want the center fold to be distracting.

Studio Marketing Pieces

You will no doubt be using images taken over a period of time and not from a single shoot, so planning out the style of images you want to showcase will give a cohesive look to your branding.  Think about where you want to go with your photography, not only the genres (seniors, family, wedding, boudoir) you will be photographing but whether you want a modern, vintage, eclectic look to your branding and whether you will be happy with it in a few years time.  As creative people, we will always be changing things up but if you want your brand to last and be effective this is something to definitely keep in mind.  Trendy is fun for card templates but not always the right choice for your business branding.

Overlaying Text

Including overlaid text in your marketing materials is a great way to add style and make your message stand out, totally disappointing though if you haven't planned your shots and they don't work in your marketing pieces.  So pre-planning your shots is important.


Make sure to take shots with an open background (fields) and showing sky where your text can be placed.  The less distracting your background is the more impact your text will have and you won't end up with a jumbled or too busy look.  That's not to say you cannot use an image with a busier background you simply need to think about the look you want to end up with.

Layout of your templates

Some templates will have a vertical layout while others a horizontal.  While you can resize clipping masks sometimes to accommodate the sizing of your image, it is possible that the design that you loved when you purchased the template simply won't look the same or as good.  So it's a good idea to shoot for both a vertical or horizontal option.


While most of us will use images that have been shot in one shoot, if you are shooting for marketing pieces keep in mind that you'll want to keep your lighting and camera settings in mind for your shoots to keep a flow to your images.        

Just remember to have at least a loose plan of what images you will need to be able to utilize the templates you have chosen.  Not only will you be really happy with the results it will save you time and eliminate the frustration of not having things work in conjunction with your vision.

Remember that templates are starting points, you can move elements around, change colors and font sizes, delete or duplicate an element to achieve the final look you want.

Happy shooting!

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