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Posted on May 09, 2013 by Su Ferguson | 0 comments

Layflat books are a great way to boost your client sales.  Clients love them and will end up marketing for you simply by sharing their customized albums with family and friends.  If you've never used either issu.com or magcloud.com it is definitely time to check them out.  After your client has purchased their album, (note I said after your client has purchased, not before) turn it into a .pdf and upload it to issu.com to make it into a fully viewable album.  Then embed it into your blog, website -  what's new or products page.  If you've done your job and they love it, you have just made it incredibly easy for them to be able to share your images with others online. 

Make sure that your studio contact information is on any publication like this that you do and if you have Acrobat Pro make sure your information is linked and will take viewers directly to your website or blog.

Senior Album 

I think a great idea would be to offer online Holiday Albums so that once your client has purchased their family copy they could easily share with Grandma & Grampa or other family members that aren't close by. It's basically an online brag book. Quick and easy for you to do for your client and it's bound to keep them coming back for other shoots. 

Make it a special offering for your Military families, what a great way to share overseas. 

Offer these to your wedding clients as a thank you, think of it as a goodwill gift after your client has purchased their wedding album. By embedding it onto your blog, all the out-of-town family that wouldn't normally get to see the Wedding Album will be visiting your site to check it out and it's definitely more fun than a slideshow to look through. They have friends and their friends have friends and so on. Most importantly prospective clients can see your work in an easy to view manner.

Thanks to Tabitha Patrick Photography for allowing me to use her gorgeous images for this template.

Happy Shooting!

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