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Featured Photographer - Lisa Jaster from LMJ Originals

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Su Ferguson | 1 comment
Lisa from LMJ Originals lives and runs her photography business  in St Paul, MN along with travelling for photography jobs whenever she can.  Drop by to view her work, say Hi! and like her FB page - links are shown below 
Lisa had purchased templates through Savant Design Templates and then contacted me to ask if I would design her Senior Marketing Campaign based off the Senior Color Block template design, of course I said yes!  Ms. LMJ a clear vision of her Senior Branding and was wonderful to work with, also kind enough to share some images of her printed marketing materials which turned out beautifully and we're showing off in this blog post. Lisa was also great in responding to questions about her photography journey with her business that I have shared below.   
Thanks Lisa, for taking the time to share your gorgeous images and answer all my questions, you're a trooper.
  1. How did you get started as a photographer / what led you to become a photographer? I had always had an interest in photography and when pre-law didn’t work (D- in political science my first year in college) I decided to take a few fun classes. I was in the darkroom for hours and loved it. 
  1. What words best describe your style of photography? Classic yet comfortable. Each genre requires a different approach; seniors aren’t interested in the same type of portraits that grandparents are. 


  1. Do you have a favorite genre that you love to photograph, is it newborns, kids, seniors, wedding, boudoir or any other.  Why is it your favorite? I love it all.. IF I had to choose it would be weddings and seniors, families and kids, pets and boudoir.. see all of it!! 



  1. What's the most important aspect to you in working with your clients - communication - relationships - feedback.  The relationships that I create with my clients are the most important to me; I want them to look forward to coming back to see me. I have found that it can also make things much easier when it comes to photographing families/kids, you get to know them on a more personal level which can make the expressions more natural and real. 
  1. What are your thoughts on business branding and what's the most important thing to you that your clients get from your branding.  The most important thing for me was to stay true to myself and my studio. I am not the studio that is ‘country chic’ so my marketing materials aren’t country chic even though it’s very trendy right now. I am bright colors, simple yet fun and bold designs and my new Senior marketing materials are the exact style I wanted! 


  1. What business advice would you give to other photographers.  Take pictures, sell pictures. It’s all about making money, don’t let the emotions get mixed up in your business decisions. 
  1. What is a good lesson that you have learned over the past year either business related or in photography itself.  Never apologize for saying no.. be nice, but you don’t have to be sorry you can’t do something that someone has asked you to do. 
  1. Do you blog and if so how often do you post to your blog.  Yes, I blog but not as often as I should. I post about once every two weeks or so; in an ideal world it would be once or twice a week. 
  1. What social media do you incorporate into your business and how has it helped your business.  I am pretty active on all types of social media.. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  are my tops. I do have a Pinterest page but haven’t done anything with it. Sad, I know… I also know I have to! 
  1. How did you learn to edit your images and what is your process, what's your favorite editing software.  Photoshop is my favorite tool ever… and it has a million tools within it also . It truly is  a software that you will never stop learning. I use it for most album design, retouching (along with Portraiture), and basic order fulfillment. 
  1. Any advice on editing images.  EDIT EDIT EDIT (by EDIT, I mean delete, get rid of, remove)… the more you EDIT your images the better your work will look. Also remember that people are ordering based on what they see so it’s important, to me, to make sure they are seeing great images. I color correct each image I show. Every single image a client sees has been touched by me.. 
  1. Have you taken any photography workshops, are there any you would love to take.  Education in this industry, along with most industries, is imperative. I am constantly watching webinars about photography; including the business side (which is actually, at time, just as much fun if not more so than the photography itself)   I can’t think of anything right now but I am sure after I send this to you and the blog post will be active I will totally think of one! HA!! 
  1. Do you set a goal for personal projects each year and how do they help you stay inspired in your everyday business.  I like to volunteer my time to a few different organizations.. Pet Haven of MN, Leech Lake Legacy, and Second Harvest Heartland. I work closely with them on an annual basis for fundraisers etc. 

  1. What would be your dream shoot, either a personal project or a commercial project.  I would love to photograph Prince.. I have been in love/fascination with him since I was 8. I have seen him a bunch of times in concert but never seem to be in the same room as he is. It’s a dream, I know but hey-you asked! 
  1. Where do you find your inspiration - web, magazines.  I am on Pinterest (yes, even though I don’t pin, I lurk) and sponge ideas off there constantly. I am looking at magazines, other websites everywhere. Inspiration can be found anywhere-Target, the beach and even the thrift store. It’s all eye candy… 
  1. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?  If it weren’t for my husbands constant support and encouragement I wouldn’t be able to do this… I really am the luckiest girl in the world!


Web Link: www.lmjoriginals.com 

Facebook Links:

main one: https://www.facebook.com/lmjoriginals

senior one: https://www.facebook.com/LMJSeniors

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lmjoriginals



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