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Savant Design Templates FAQ's & Terms of Use

 Savant Design Templates FAQ's & Terms of Use
SD Templates are designed for compatibility with Photoshop 7& CS, as well as Adobe Elements Version 6+
Ease of Use
SD Templates are user friendly. You can easily change text, change colors of elements and background. Images easily insert into clipping masks which are basically place holders. Once inserted into the clipping mask you can shift the image around or resize to get exactly the look you want.
SD Templates are designed to be printed at professional print labs and can be tweaked to work with the various labs. For DIY user's these can be printed on home printers, please be aware depending on the printer you use you may end up with a white border if your printer does not accommodate full page printing.
Caring for your Template
Please backup your templates several places to avoid saving over or losing the template(s) due to computer crashes. When working on a new project, I recommend opening your template and immediately rename & save to avoid saving over your original template.
Terms of Use
SD Templates are designed for use by photographers for their clients and Photoshop users. They cannot be resold as a template or changed to be sold as a template under any circumstances. SD Templates are copyrighted. They are for personal use or to sell as a finished product to your clients.
Please contact me with any questions you have through savantphotodesign@gmail.com
Su Ferguson
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